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Townhouse Development – 20 Eldale Ave, Greensborough

BILLINGS LONG chief Damien Long firmly believes his latest multi-unit project is bringing a city-like lifestyle to the suburbs.

The nine townhouse-style units which will front Eldale Avenue in the heart of Greensborough are contemporary and cutting-edge, offering potential buyers a maintenance-free residential set-up and walking distance access to all services including shops, banks, restaurants and public transport. It is housing with close proximity to infrastructure that makes the city and inner suburbs such a magnet for younger workers as well as professional and retired couples. But Damien maintains that his Greensborough units will deliver a very similar outcome for those who opt for them.

“I don’t know anyone who has done anything like this in Greensborough,’’ he says of his units.

“It is going to be a class development that people will want to come home to. It’s a game changer, and we are very excited about it. Imagine being able to stroll down to WaterMarc in Grimshaw Street for a swim or share a meal with friends and family at any one of the bars or restaurants that populate central Greensborough. And best of all, you don’t have to drive anywhere to do so. That’s city-style convenience without the over-the-top traffic congestion and pollution.’’

The two to three bedroom townhouses all have their own “unique features’’ and “the high-level of specification which you would expect in a Billings Long product’’. The homes, which have been designed by the architectural firm Cornetta Partners, are attached at ground level but have separation in the upper levels. Each townhouse offers below ground parking, living areas and a smart, feature-ladden kitchen to the ground floor and sleeping spaces on the top level. Strategically placed windows will offer good views and will make the most of the northerly sun for good passive solar energy outcomes, saving on power bills. Also some units will have direct and virtual exclusive access to well-maintained outdoor spaces. A body corporate will be set up to ensure the housing cluster’s grounds and immediate surroundings are kept clean and tidy as well as easy on the eye.